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2022-11-07 18:45:02 By : Mr. Wenliang Shao

Thanks to technological advancements, cannabis can be consumed through electronic vaporizers. Vaping is slowly dethroning smoking as the number one way of cannabis consumption. Because it has become the preferred method, hundreds of different vaporizers appear daily to suit all types of consumers. 

Whether it’s cigarette-like, pen-shaped, smaller, bigger, or automatic, there is a vaporizer design for everyone. If you want to learn more about the kinds of this device to help you make a better decision, continue reading below.  Rechargeable Pod Mod

This guide will introduce all types of vaporizers throughout history, from the humble beginning to the upgraded, modern present!

There are numerous types of vaporizers. The first ones tried to mimic cigarettes, so they kept the orange-and-white design. However, as the future approached, more e-cigarettes started to resemble technological inventions rather than items you can smoke of. 

This makes the struggle of finding a good vaporizer way more complicated. Luckily, you can find top vaporizers on Olofly that are guaranteed to give you the best vape experience.

The main types of vaporizers are portable, desktop, and pen vaporizers. However, each of these can be further divided into a subsection. So let’s see what device you can find on the vaping market today!

A cigarette-like vaporizer is the oldest type of e-cigarette. It bears this name because it resembles an ordinary cigarette design. The idea behind this look was simple – keep the style much love, but give a healthier option.

The cigalike vaporizer uses an e-liquid rather than tobacco because e-liquids are less harmful. The cigarette-style vaporizer is usually activated by a single drag of the device, unlike more advanced vape mods that require a push of a button. 

With inhalation, the coil is heated. This part is the object that imitates the cigarette sensation. Often, cigarette vaporizers are disposable and prefilled. But you can encounter ones that can be refilled by replacing the empty cartridge – although these are rare.

A vape pen is the best vaporizer type for beginners. They are commonly included in starter kits because of their straightforward usage. Vape pens might be similar to cigarette-style vaporizers, but they function differently. They are not activated through a drag but with a button. These pens are also refillable since they are designed for extended use. 

These vaping devices also hold a refillable vape tank. If you are someone that travels a lot, vape pens are the best choice because they are portable and small – kind of like a real pen! The vapor is produced through a high-resistance coil and offers a tight draw. 

The best thing about vape pens is that, in most cases, they are rechargeable and allow for various vaping experiments. Besides, even if you take a disposable vape pen, rest assured it will last longer than other types of vaporizers. 

If you are an experienced vaper, then vape mods might just be the best choice. Their popularity is tightly linked to the fact they create big vapor clouds, making them excellent for cloud-chasing. Their design is more advanced and more complicated than cigalikes or vape pens. Plus, you can customize them to your desires. 

Vape mods are the best choice for those who like sub-ohm vaping. This means they come with large batteries and low-resistance coils. Vape mods also allow longer drags and usually go best with high VG liquids. 

Vape pods are more compact and slimmer vaporizers than vape mods. Pods are meant to be simple and lightweight, perfect for being your travel buddy. Unlike vape mods, pods are suitable for newbies or can be used as a backup device for an experienced vaper. 

They are recognizable by the comfortable mouthpiece. Think of vape pods as the middle – they are smaller than vape mods but bigger than vape pens. Some pods even have built-in smart screens that allow customization and data display. 

A vape pod comes in two options, either prefilled or refillable. Either way, the activation is simple – just click the button, and you’re ready to vape! 

As the name suggests, disposable vaporizers are more affordable vapes that are disposed of when completed. They are the cheapest vaporizer option that you can find everywhere – supermarkets, gas stations, dispensaries, and grocery stores. 

Disposable vaporizers are prefilled, meaning the tank comes packed with a certain e-liquid. There are numerous types of disposables, ranging in flavors, strengths, and PG vs. VG ratios. 

These devices are similar to cigarette-style vaporizers because of their ease of use, style, and drag-in activation. There’s no need to press buttons or charge them. After finishing the 500-600 puffs, you just throw the disposable away and buy a new one. 

A vape kit is a package of all things you need to embark on a vaping adventure. Inside the kit, you can find a tank, a battery, an e-liquid, a coil, and a mouthpiece. Essentially, it’s a build-your-own-device type of vaporizer. 

Besides these four major components, your vaporizer kit can also have various types of e-liquid. The vape juice inside the kit can range in flavors and nicotine strengths. 

Unlike all the vaporizers on our list that work on e-liquids, dry herb vaporizer is meant for dry cannabis. It functions by heating cannabis flowers, dry herbs, or other plant material. 

These are healthier than smoking a joint. And no, you don’t have to worry – the flavors and aromas are extracted from the dry herb during the process without altering the psychoactive effects. 

Whether you are a newbie to vaporizers or just want to update your collection, there is a vaporizer design according to everyone’s likes. 

If you are a novice vaper, a vape pen is the most suitable choice. In case you’re struggling to kick the smoking habit, give a cigarette-style vape a go. A fan of technology and LED screens? Choose the vape mod. 

Whichever you decide on, make sure it reflects your preferences and meets your requirements. After that – vape away! 

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