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2022-07-02 07:26:51 By : Mr. Frank Zhang

One of the reason for global warming is said to be carbon dioxide (CO2 ). Compared to petroleum derived chemical products, nature biomass derived chemical products can be considered as carbon neutral because plant absorbs CO2  during their growth and total CO2  emission will be 0 after they degrade after usage. Therefore, developing biomass derived chemical products is one way to reduce CO2  consumption in order to suppress global warming. 

The vision of Green Science Alliance is to offer actual cutting edge technology for sustainable, carbon neutral society. More precisely, those technologies are next generation rechargeable battery, fuel cell, CO2 photo conversion to chemical energy (the process called artificial photosynthesis).

Some of Green Science Alliance technologies are registered by the United Nation Organization (UNIDO's platform "STePP", WIPO GREEN) and they were also selected as startup company supported by incubation programme of UNOPS GIC Japan in 2020.

Green Science Alliance is also trying to replace all the petrochemical derived chemical products with nature biomass derived one. Those are 100 % nature biomass biodegradable plastic, biomass resin, biomass coating, biomass color ink etc.

This time, Dr. Ryohei Mori  at Green Science Alliance has developed 100 % biomass mark (JORA : Japan Organic Recycling Association) acquired water based coating material. When this material dries up after coating on the substrate, whole composition will be 100 % nature biomass, no petroleum.

There is a trend to use more water based chemical products than organic solvent ones because some organic solvent can be harmful to the environment. Because this material is not only water based but also composed of 100 % nature biomass composition, it can be regarded as extremely environmentally friendly products.

Green Science Alliance will expand this 100% nature biomass water based coating material business to Japan  and the world market. They will also try to develop paint, color ink, and adhesive based on this material.