Robot cars, motorcycles hoped for this Christmas | Imperial Republican

2023-01-06 17:53:23 By : Ms. Zoe Zhang

Courtesy Photo William DeBusk, left, and Brynn Lambert are putting the finishing touches on gingerbread cookie cutouts in Mary Fortkamp’s kindergarten class.

    Robot-operated toys and motorcycles are just some of the presents kindergartners in Mary Fortkamp’s class put on their Christmas wish lists.     The class wrote letters to the man in red from the North Pole also asking for pets, Super Hero Lego sets and Lol dolls.     One student, however, was thinking of someone else, writing “I would like a wig for my dad (he’s bald).” Many of them promised to leave cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.     Here are the letters Fortkamp’s students composed. Wall Climbing Rc Car

Robot cars, motorcycles hoped for this Christmas | Imperial Republican

Dear Santa: I would like a Rapunzel doll with a crown and a stroller for a baby doll. My name is Evelyn Aguero, Santa…don’t forget it! ;) Love, Evelyn

I would like a Karaoke machine so I can sing and dance, a stuffy that is a bear, and a teddy bear bed, a soft pillow, and a blanket. Santa, I wish you could leave one of your Reindeer behind! Love, Camrie

I would like a robot dinosaur, a robot car, and a robot monster truck. Santa, I hope you have the funniest Christmas ever! Thank you for all the toys and presents! Love, William

I would like a remote-controlled car and some hot wheels cars. Do you like gingerbread cookies? I will make you some! Love, Johan

I would like a barbie camper, a cheetah figurine from Bomgaars, and an alicorn (that’s a unicorn with horns AND wings). Don’t worry Santa, I will have cookies for you and carrots waiting for your Reindeer! Love, Mirra

I would like my own camera, a new motorcycle, a pet turtle, and a pet fish. I just want a pet because my two dogs died. I love you, Santa! Love, Trey

I would like a spiderman lego set, and an Iron man lego set. Merry Christmas! Love, Jason Jack (J.J.)

I would like a princess travel suitcase, a tablet, and a camera of my very own. Love, Brynn

I would like the Madden Football game for my play station, and that is all! And Santa, If you want to play with me, I will tell you my password so we can play together. Love, Samuel

I would like a T.V. for my room, an Xbox, and a Nintendo. Santa, I love you. Love, Tate

I would like a motorcycle bike and a hoverboard. Love, Casen

I would like a real Huskie dog and a Barbie dream camper. Love, Bryleigh

I would like a purple scooter, and a pink Ipad. I love you! Love, Paislee

I would like big trucks to play with, a green tractor, and a green combine. Love, Carston

I would like a Cinderella Barbie doll and a Barbie house. What is your favorite cookie? I like chocolate chip. Love, Tania

I would like a wig for my dad, (he’s bald), a picture of you and Mrs. Claus, a princess scooter, a barbie car that I can drive, and a castle play house that I can play in it outside. I am going to make you some good hot chocolate and yummy cookies, Santa! Could you bring Mrs. Claus with you? Love, Karina

I would like a horsey that walks up the stairs, a birdie that says, “Tweet, tweet”, and a unicorn mask with eyeholes so I can see through it. Love, Kensington

I would like a white car that I can drive on my driveway and grass, an LOL doll, and a toy computer. I’ve been good this year, not really, really good, but good. Love, Penelope

Robot cars, motorcycles hoped for this Christmas | Imperial Republican

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