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2022-06-07 07:47:43 By : Mr. William Wang


A detox mask can be a big help in summer, when sweat and oil builds up.

Fenty has come up with an answer, in the form of their first ever face mask, Cookies N Clean.

It’s a whipped clay mask, and whipped formulas are something we’ve got on well with in the past when testing them out.

They tend to be less drying than regular clay masks, meaning skin isn’t left stripped.

The Fenty one promises this too, while still detoxifying, tightening pores, reducing excess oil and shin, and refining skin texture.

These are big claims – so we put it to the test.

On first look, the play on ‘cookies and cream’ in the name makes sense – it does look like a crushed Oreo milkshake in the pot.

The directions say to apply it to the skin, then massage it in to crush the charcoal dots – turning the mask white to grey.

This is where the mask will either be a make or break for you.

If you’re a lazy beauty person, the effort will probably be a bit too much.

Personally, I found it a chore to massage the mask in as it took more pressure than I’d like to ‘crush’ the dots. You really have to rub the product in with some force.

However, if you love a gua sha for example and take pleasure in a long and thorough beauty ritual, this might just be your bag.

After letting the mask sit for 15 minutes, I washed it off, which was also a bit of a faff given the remaining charcoal dots got stuck in my hair.

Thankfully though, washing it off didn’t feel like my skin was being stripped or tugged at which often happens with clay masks.

As far as charcoal and clay goes, this is a fairly safe option for drier skin types. I wasn’t left with a ‘tight’ and dehydrated face.

After a final rinse my skin did feel ‘detoxified’ in that excess oil was gone and a spot on my forehead looked a touch smaller.

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I don’t think it changed the look of my pores, but I don’t think any mask can really do this – it’s a tall order.

The vegan and gluten-free formula did manage to control sebum levels over the next day. My skin felt balanced and smooth.

I’ll finish the tub up then move onto something that doesn’t require the labour of massage to activate it, but if that’s not a deal breaker for you, you’ll likely enjoy it.

My only other criticism is that for £25, I’d hope for a larger fill of product.

Mature skin might not see much benefit with this, preferring something with more active ingredients, but younger skin will see its basic needs met.

Cookies N Clean feels very at one with the rest of the Fenty line aimed at skincare beginners.

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