13 Best Foot Creams In 2022, Per Dermatologists And Podiatrists

2022-06-07 07:45:14 By : Ms. Felicia Xu

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Whether you love to run outside a lot, enjoy frequent hot girl walks, or simply have cracked heels, every set of feet could benefit from some hydration and a moment of self massage with a good foot cream. After all, you're literally on your feet all the time. But, don't just take it from me.

“Your feet are so important to take care of, as foot issues can really affect your quality of life," explains podiatrist Dr. Marion Yau. And, while dry feet and cracked heels can be the most common foot complaints, dermatologist Dr. Anthony Rossi, MD says that foot issues can actually run the gamut from eczema to psoriasis, and even foot fungus, too.

Peep some of the best expert-recommended foot creams, here:

I know, I know. It seems like a lot. Sure, it all starts with a good pair of comfortable shoes, but I also asked Rossi and Yau which foot creams are best for all of these conditions, and more. One of my faves even works to treat sore, aching feet (everyone could use some of that, right?).

See below for the 13 best hydrating podiatrist and dermatologist-recommended foot creams in 2022 to treat dry, cracked skin and more.

If you're looking for a fragrance-free, lightweight formula to smoothen out rough and dry feet, then AmLactin's Foot Repair is the best choice. The key ingredient here is the dermatologist-loved ingredient, lactic acid which boosts the skin's natural renewal process through gentle exfoliation.

If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, don't forget this old school staple. Vaseline will heal flaky, cracked foot skin at the fraction of the price of other foot creams, though it can be somewhat greasy.

It doesn’t get more luxe than this fan favorite shea butter foot cream, which melts right into the skin. Arnica and lavender essential oil provide extra soothing properties (and smell amazing).

Foot pain or discomfort can be hard to live with. To soothe aching, Yau recommends this cream which contains anti-inflammatory ingredient diclofenac.

Eczema can cause the feet to be rough, dry, and itchy. "CeraVe's SA Renewing Foot Cream is great for the eczematous type of skin, as its three essential ceramides help with dryness and itchiness. In addition, salicylic acid helps soften the skin, and hyaluronic acid helps rehydrate the skin by drawing moisture from the air to the skin," explains Yau.

Rossi recommends this foot cream to patients with foot fungus, but also makes sure to remind them that it's important to change your socks and insoles often. "That said, if things don't improve in about four weeks of using this cream, you'll want to see a dermatologist," he warns.

If you have a fungal infection like Athlete's foot, Yau warns that some natural remedies may not work.

Instead, opt for an athlete's foot-specific cream, like this reviewer-loved one. People say it's super fast-acting cream in relieving itching, burning—just remember to stay on top of your foot hygiene by getting new insoles and socks frequently to prevent re-infection.

"A general rule for good foot hygiene is that you want to keep the area well moisturized, clean, and not overly sweaty," explains Rossi. Foot creams are notorious for making feet feel greasy, but this one won't.

Eucerin's formula is non-sticky and fast-absorbing due to the presence of dermatologist-loved ingredients like hydrating alpha hydroxy acid, and soothing, itch-relieving ceramides.

If you run a lot or are just generally prone to blisters, Yau says you'll want an antiseptic foot cream like this one to help heal wounds.

"Tea tree naturally disinfects the area, and it has antiperspirant properties. Therefore, it can help reduce bacteria, prevent infection, and reduce odor," she explains.

Skin gets dry and cracked when it's dehydrated or when there's excessive pressure on the foot. According to Yau, creams that contain urea, like this one from O'Keeffe's, are the best to tackle this common issue.

She also recommends using a foot file to exfoliate skin before using a foot cream so that it can penetrate deeper.

Made with Yau's fave ingredient, urea, this travel-friendly foot cream from Dr. Scholl's was designed to heal and moisturize dry feet on-the-go. For all those walks in the sand and sandals you plan on wearing while you see the world, you'll love ending each day giving yourself a mini massage with this thick yet non-greasy lotion.

Thanks to its 10 percent urea, calendula, shea butter, and almond oil-infused fomula, this podiatrist-created foot repair butter was made to deliver moisture straight to every heel crack and callus. The orange essential oil helps cut odors, too, if that’s something you wish to treat.

Formulated with shea and kokum butter as well as lemon, orange, and apple fruit extract, Deborah Lippmann's foot cream has a sweet, fruity scent and a light feel that makes it perfect for summer. The lightweight formula even features antibacterial aloe vera, making it great for use during hot or humid weather.