• Wake Up To Plump And Supple Skin With These Hydrating Overnight Masks

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    These picks are a must; Image Credit: iStock

    It's literally time to sleep your way to better skin! No one wants to wake up to parched and dull skin. And a practical and suitable overnight mask might be the multipurpose product that you need for glass like fresh skin every day. Ingredient

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    When just the thought of washing your hands one more time is painful — so many dishes! — Crabtree & Evelyn The

  • The best gardening gifts to treat your loved ones to this Summer

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    The perfect presents for your green-fingered friends...

    Did anyone else get really into gardening during lockdown? The sun was shining, we couldn’t go out and see anyone, so a lot of us turned to our garden to keep us occupied, and it turns out, it’s a lot of fun.


  • Try These 10 Collagen Face Masks

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    Zoe Brown is a writer with two years of experience in the lifestyle space.

    Despite a healthy diet, exercise, and a lot of sleep, stress, anxiety, and hormonal changes can leave our skin feeling a little lackluster or dull. Collagen loss is one of the side effects of aging, and can 

  • BlueWater Day Spa treats Ms. World candidates to a day of pampering and relaxation

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    As one of the country’s leading spa chains, BlueWater Day Spa (BWDS) has been the go-to place of many Filipinos for their beauty and wellness needs since 2005.

    Offering a wonderful lineup of services that are also proven to be very effective, BWDS has been able to keep a loyal cus

  • 4 Technologies Used For Teeth Whitening

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    The popularity of teeth whitening procedures stimulated the development of professional teeth whitening technologies and OTC (over-the-counter) products. Discoloration and dental staining can happen in various ways; thus, treatment for discoloration significantly depends on the type of d

  • Enhancing Natural Beauty with Jericho’s Dead Sea Skincare - Digital Journal

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    Hi, what are you looking for?

    Enhance your natural beauty with the help of nourishing Dead Sea skincare products from Jericho Skincare. The company delivers across Australia, making it easy to boost your daily self-care routine and pamper yourself with the most soothing products.


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    While most of us remember to take care of our faces and necks as far as tanning from the sun goes, hands are often ignored. However, these are much-exposed and much-used, and require as much – if not more – TLC as the rest of our bodies. Let’s take a look at what we should be

  • Fire Incidents, Supply Chain Crisis Drag Down Two-Wheeler EV Sales

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    News & Analysis on India’s Tech & Startup Economy

    In May, the total EV two-wheeler sales dropped to 39,477, which is about a 20% drop from a month earlier

    Ola Electric saw a 27.3% month-on-month (MoM) decline in its total vehicles sold in May but was in the second-highes

  • Pat McGrath Releases Two New Collections That Are Truly Divine - Essence

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    The Dame of Beauty and Makeup, Pat McGrath, has just released two stunning collections to add to your summertime beauty routine. We’re sure tha